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Recently the battery would not charge more than 70%, then 60% usng the orginal 5amp charger.

Oakley Motorcycles in Maidstone tested and reported the battery amd management system were OK but the charger was failing.

They advised a replacement would cost £550! I said no, they said "Good, because we cant get one".

The only one I could find online was from Ali Express. Cheaper but still £194!

After 6 or 7 weeks it arrived. It works well as you can vary the charge rate up to 12amp with a rotary contol and LED display.

Battery now charges to 100%.

But the charger is twice the size and weight of the original so no longer fits in the "tank".


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Bit late for you but when mine died I found this blog post which sorted me out.


Posting (again?) so it's on record and searchable for the next victim 🙂