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Recently the battery would not charge more than 70%, then 60% usng the orginal 5amp charger.

Oakley Motorcycles in Maidstone tested and reported the battery amd management system were OK but the charger was failing.

They advised a replacement would cost £550! I said no, they said "Good, because we cant get one".

The only one I could find online was from Ali Express. Cheaper but still £194!

After 6 or 7 weeks it arrived. It works well as you can vary the charge rate up to 12amp with a rotary contol and LED display.

Battery now charges to 100%.

But the charger is twice the size and weight of the original so no longer fits in the "tank".


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Bit late for you but when mine died I found this blog post which sorted me out.


Posting (again?) so it's on record and searchable for the next victim 🙂


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With my older TS. 2018 EU version I think I used dumb charger via the external port to charge the bike and it worked exellent.

I think I had that 10A charger as well. It could have been the 8A version too. I don't remember as I sold the charger.

I did also use my own battery. The only flaw was then that the BMS from the original battery was gone so the SOC% level of the battery was blinking at zero percent at all times. Kind of an error code that can happen to bikes as well if the connector going to the BMS apart from the XT60 inside the battery connector get lose. It is possible to know your battery level without the gauge but some people like the gauge.