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Thinking on buying a TC Max in Argentina

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Hi, I’m new in the forum and I’m writing from Argentina, so sorry for my english.

I’m thinking about buying a TC Max from a local reseller and I’ve been reading and viewing lot of review about de bike.

The first thing that’s puts up a doubt is that it will be my first bike, I´ve always drove cars and SUVs but I´ve no experience with motorbikes. The license I´ve doesn’t allow me to drove bikes, so, eventually, I´ve to take the test.

For what I´ve seen, it seams to be a good first bike. What do you think?

About the bike it shelf, I´ve send some questions to the reseller but he hasn’t answers by now, maybe you can help me with a few.


  • Does it come with 10A or 5A charger?


  • On the web of the reseller, it said that the bike has a Bosch engine, but (from what I was finding out) since a couple years back the Bosch engine was replace for a Vmoto engine. Is that right? Or they went back to a Bosch engine?


  • Does it still come without a beacon lights? And the turn lights must still be deactivated manually?


  • I’m traying to find out if the app works in the country, I’ve some local reviews, from 2020/2021 that seas it doesn’t work here.


  • Does anyone had has any trouble or incident with the stock tires? Here the bike comes with Cordial tires, and some recommend changing them for another brand, like Michelin o Goodyear.


  • Is it easy to
    • change or modify the seat? I´ve seen that it´s not very comfortable for the driver and even less for a second passenger.
    • add a rear rack for placing some luggage?


  • I´m also thinking in buying the Wanderer instead, but I´ve doubts about the top speed and range. I’d like to go from my home to Buenos Aires city, about 50 km, charge the battery and get back, one o twice a month. The rest of the time I'll be making less than 10 km a day.


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Hola Seba, Escribime mail a, tengo un tc max