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Replace fork oil

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Does anyone know the oil level of each steam? 

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Billy Bob
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With upside down forks one usually needs to remove the leg so as to tip the oil out which may be a little tricky, I've not done it. The quantity recorded.  Then the same amount of oil put back in.  I don't know what the viscosity (AKA weight) is OE.




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@tonyb oil level should be 300ml on each side. Maybe worth replacing seals whilst your there too 

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Posted by: @tonyb

Does anyone know the oil level of each steam? 

300-330 ml. 5/7.5wt. 5 for light riders.

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Cool. I'll remember that. Mine are jumping up and down like crazy, especially at or around 50km/h and my throttle is a little jerky as well. I might even need heavier oil or more oil but I don't know how to fine tune forks or know what effects the oil have.

If anyone can make a guide or a video on youtube on this I would be very happy.