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Upgrading Brakes to make pads easier to find

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Hi All,

I'm having a real nightmare trying to source new brake pads for my 2019 TC Max.

I'm thinking of changing the entire brake for a brand such as those used on Honda Mopeds to make getting new brake pads easier, cheaper and better quality.

Has anyone here done something similar and willing to share lessons they learned?

Stay breezy.

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In the UK, Wemoto do EBC pads that fit. The fronts only came out last year, IIRC.
I and others ha've posted about it before on this forum. Most parts websites don't list the bike so you have to know the part number of the pads 🙁

At least one of my discs has warped a bit so my next job is to measure up and find some off the shelf replacements. I don't know which one(s) are suffering, but to my eye all 3 are the same anyway so I'll replace them all anyway. Hopefully they will feel less wooden after that!