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Dear community,


I'm in possesion of a 5 year old ts1200r with about 5500km on the speedometer. I've got 2 problems with the bike itself and one service issue.


problem 1: battery overheating, or not?

When i'm riding the ts1200r sometimes the battery error light comes on. Before the light turns on the battery is about 10C⁰ and then jumps to 88C⁰ and after that 98C⁰. Most of the times this error is gone in 5-10sec. Sometimes i need to pull the bike over and wait 5 seconds before it's back to normal. During this error the throttle is disabled. Does anyone have any clue what this might be? Down below what i already tried.


problem 2: dashboard, light and alarm turn of and on (stroboscope like)

Last week i was riding my ts1200r and got problem 1 2x before returning home. I parked the bike and got some coffee when i returned to stroboscoping lights and dashboard and a blaring alarm. The bike wasn't touched, moved or driven in any way in several minutes before the problem started but wasn't turned off in the meanwile. I tested it today again and sometimes it's immediatly the same and sometimes i can drive and park it without having this issue. Once the issue reoccurs however it becomes a waiting game before it fixes itself. If the bike doens't cut out in a few seconds, i turn the breaker off and restart it. Sometimes the problem is fixed by that, most times not. Anyone got any clue what this might cause? Down below what i already tried.


problem 3: service issue 'La Souris'

After encountering the 2 problems that i mentioned above i contacted my lokal dealer to get it fixed. After calling multiple dealers near and for from me (in the netherlands) they all gave me the same respons: "The controller is locked by the national importer meaning we can't see what the controller is saying so you will have to go to them to get it serviced. The current supplier is Moteo but back when i bought my bike it whas La Souris. Moteo can't help with the encryption that's installed by La Souris. La Souris can't help because they no longer sell super soco's. The point of this story that i warn everyone: Don't buy a super soco via La Souris because they will barely provide you with service.


Diagnosing myself:

After learning about the service issue i wen't to find the problem myself. Below you will see what solutions i tried for both problems but nothing resolved it. Anyone any clue?

-swapping the battery (62v output full charge)

-swapping the controller

-swapping the alarm

-swapping the ecu

-swapping the 12v regulator

-swapping the speaker module below on button

All swapped parts originated from a TC and checked on matching part numbers. Same components from the ts1200r where placed on the TC and they performed normally on the TC