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Steering notch in the center

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My CPX developed a strange "notch" in the center of steering.

I suspect that this is due to riding on pretty bumpy roads, but the steering is straight (in the center) most of the time, so everytime I ran over a bump while going straight, a small piece was chipped in the bearing at the same spot, and after 1500km it started to be noticable.

I recorded a video for Vmoto to demonstrate the issue:

Vmoto told me there are two bearings, HR32005XJ and HR32006XJ (top and bottom). Thankfully, they are standardized bearings so they are available locally, but since my scooter is in warranty, I wanted them to provide them to me and also provide me with instructions/service manual so I know how to replace it.

I cannot take the scooter to my dealer because I bought the scooter in different country - Germany - and the dealer scammed me with COC list so I have very bad relationship with them.

Anyone else having the same issue?

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