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New Vmoto Super Soco models

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Interesting to come across this Vmoto site showing ‘new’ colours for the TC Max (white, red and black) as well as information about the TC Wanderer Pro and TS Street Hunter Pro models.

Could we be seeing these any time soon in the UK…?

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Can you share local prices at your dealers.

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Price of TS and TC's for easy sake was 3000 dollars or euros when I got mine in the end of 2018. TC-max was at 4000 with a bonus program deal on the goverment so 1000 back (25%) which was also present with the lower moped models until it wasn´t anymore. The deal of the century. Poliitcs... or the green parties.

Nowadays the prices are around 4000 for the TSX and TC-max never version is at 5500. Still they are competing with the used market and the market in general in the world today early into 2024.


I have seen some other models in other countries but not in Sweden yet. The VMoto looks promising but I like it to be repairable or I may have to open my wallet way to often and on the middle of my commute in the jungle or desert I'm not that fond of having a brake down on my bike let alone any vehicle In my life that is very scarse and even a highway crash didn't make the car at that time unable to run. Just start after talking to the Police.