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TC/TS/TCMAX Batteries---Extra $50 Coupon

60V45AH battery: $1025 Free shipping
60V52.8AH Battery: $1198 Free Shipping
60V60AH battery: $1249 Free shipping
60V65AH battery: $1349 Free shipping
72V70AH battery: $2049 Free shipping
TC/TS/TCMAX Controller---Extra $50 Coupon
72240 Controller: $334 Free Shipping
72300 Controller: $384 Free Shipping
72360 Controller: $479 Free Shipping
TC/TS/TCMAX Charger---Extra $20 Coupon
TC/TS Charger: $202 Free Shipping
TCMAX Charger: $237 Free Shipping
TC/TS Y-Cable Parallel Device---Extra $15 Coupon
Round PIN: $232 Free Shipping
Square PIN: $182 Free Shipping
TC/TS Sound Module - Extra $15 Coupon
Sound Module: $154 Free shipping
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Will you make new tc wanderer,ts streat hunter batterys and controller upgrades?

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Vivian Mu
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@greenrajder We are considering it.
because its sockets are different

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@vivian-mu I hope you are still considering ore already working on it. I like to buy a bigger battery for my ts street hunter king kong black (10 pin socked) preferably 60Amp ore a little bit bigger.