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I guess I should start off by informing everyone that I am new to the forum and I am not sure if I am even posting this in the right spot but here it goes..

Let me give you the background story of how I got this bike so it can go ahead and answer future questions that ya'll would probably end up asking. I was helping a friend clean out a storage unit that a friend of his had more less abandoned. Upon my findings I came across this electric bicycle that I now know  is a Super Soco DU. I know where all the main connectors go after doing tons of research. But see, the person who owned it rewired some of it up. Seeing how I dont actually know the guy, i have no way of asking him about what goes where and for what reason. Clearly he lost the key or something. There was no key with it or battery. I dont know if this bike comes with an actual ignition or if its just started with a key fob. I dont see no power switch on it or kill switch to turn it on or off. So i dont want to spend money on it in case its junk anyhow but i wanna see if it will start and possibly run. So my 2 problems right now are that i dont have the key fobs to start it regardless, and that its rewired to probably start without the key fob but i don't know how. So, this is where i need some of you geniuses to help me out. Please answer the questions after it is asked and please answer each one individually so i dont get confused. I know the basics of electricity and i know quite about abot the wiring diagram and pinouts for this bike, but what im needing is still out of my pay rate. So my questions are..


  • Can i bypass the whole key fob and alarm system and somehow start and maybe even ride (just for a second to know if it has potntial or not) the bicycle by bypassing everything and giving power straight to the motor or cotroller?



  • Since it doesnt have a battery and i dont want to pay what they want for a replacement one, can i just use a couple car batteries to get he 48v or somethng? I know those are special batteries and cant just be swapped out that easily but i thught maybe with some knowledge from one of yall, it would be possible to do? Please answer in detail if you can please. 


  • I know these particular models are probably old and discontinued but are they worth anything to sell? Would you reccommend I sell it? if so, to who? or where?


  • Lastly, If anyone knows any quicker way to start it without the key like a quick and easy hotwire or something please let me know. Please be as specific as possible with which color wires to tie in together with eachother and where exactly its located on the wire harness. Im pretty hands on and take directions very well so I don't see an issue happening, but just as a precaution.


I really appreciate any and all replies and tips that may be given on this forum. You have no idea how stressed this bike has been on me trying to just see if it'll start and drive or not. If everything on it checks out, at that point I will start putting money into it for a new key set and battery etc.. but right now i just wanna see if its got potential. Thanks again. 

P.S any pics you have to share along relevant to any of this would be super heelpful and appreciated. Have a good one ya'll.

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First it sounds stolen, second you're wasting your time, third strip it for parts and put them on ebay.