Error 94 -> broken ...

Error 94 -> broken wire --> Soco knows  

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I have the error for several days now, the Belgian importer says Soco knows about the problem and says the cables are bad (the data/BMS wires break inside the connector). So the battery terminal is fine. There is no problem with the connector. So making sure the plug doesn't move (with foam) is not a fix. It only makes sure the break inside the cable doesn't move.

I have tested this theory on my bike. I opened her up, opened the sleaving of the broken wire and sure enough one of the BMS wires has a bad connection with the connector. See my video of the measurement:!AkB62gmPn-IZh-xfSKwwuiFxZKwQ-g?e=28R5YL

So if you have this problem, it is not the "loose connection of the socket". Soco knows they have used cables with manufacturing defect. When twisting or bending the cable to much the thin wires break inside the cable.

They already made better cables and they are being send to dealers to be replace the defective ones.

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I'll try to get one of these as I'm getting intermittent error 94 despite foaming it to stop it moving. It's almost like this post is made specifically for me 😀 thanks!


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