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Hi all,

This is a problem I've had a few times but has now officially stopped me driving. Occasionally when driving I found that my TC Max went into gear 0, and just stopped giving power to the motor. When I've had this issue before it usually went away by itself fairly quickly (seconds to minutes), but now its accompanied by error 99 and the bike is a brick.

The strange thing is that everything else seems to work fine. Battery reading is correct, odometer is good and I can use the headlight/indicators/horn as normal.

I've checked the connections to the controller and to the buttons on the handlebars and they seem fine, no dirt or breakages. Everything gets pushed back in nice and tight after. Anything else that might be worth a look?
The schematics show that the gear switch has 2 signals out, a cable for high speed and low speed. Assuming mid speed is both off, maybe this error is both on? I'd have to cut wires to check the switch which I'd like to leave until I have to.

I'm a long way from the nearest dealer and am not enjoying cycling in the winter weather, so I'm hoping I can get it going myself sometime soon. Any ideas would be appreciated!