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New controller for TC Max

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Hi guys!
I am about to buy a new controller for my TC Max. The controller is 18 FET 4115 Mark II 84-132V Real Highway Speed LYEN Edition Controller recommended by Lyen itself. I am wondering if it does worth, because he told me that for example, the display won't work, also  it comes pre programmed and if do not program it by myself I won't see any improvment on my bike at all. 
I want it because I feel that the TC Max is restricted, and having a motor of 4500W it should have a better acceleration and torque, also, I believe it could reach a higher speed.

The controller costs 259 bucks plus shippment to Argentina, which are 300 bucks, a total of 559 dollars.

Should I buy it?

Thanks in advance,

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Don´t. The BMS blocks higher battery amps so you won´t increase max power output.
Yeah, you could change parameters like acceleration time or regenerative braking but thats not worth in my opinion.

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hi can i program the stock controller or ecu or i need to buy it from after market, and how can i find the cable for programming it coz mine is super soco tc max ( revolt rv400) but it goes to max 80kmph and i think regenerative braking isnt working until unless i take my bike to max in 3rd mode with full throttle and then change mode to 1st while holding full throttle, any help or suggestion will appreciated thanks in advance  

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It's only a 3KW motor (or 3.5KW if you have the new one). I don't think it is restricted.

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Has anyone experience with the controller of QS itself. Because this is a QS motor, would it be compatible with this controller?

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