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Steering head bearings

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Hello peeps,

I am in the process of overhauling my TC-Max. A while back I noticed the steering was really notchy and stiff. There's no way it would pass its first MOT (annual inspection) in December (when it will be 3 years old).

So I stripped the front end down ... and I think this kit will work!
The dimensions are all correct, and it even has seals.
I've just ordered one and will report back on the results.
No surprises that it's a generic Honda one. It probably fits all the SuperSoco models too.

The original bearings on mine only had a flimsy bottom seal. The top is protected by a metal cup and nothing more. But there are also two holes in the frame tube that let water in. The lower race had rust damage where water sits when the bike is parked. This has caused it to become pitted, and the rust makes it stiff. And insufficient grease to protect it in the first place.
Build quality 0 : British salty winters 1.

I've also changed the fork oil since they are under damped and make a horrible wet squirty noise when you push them hard. I guessed at 10w - it seems about the same as what came out. ~300cc for each leg, 35mm from the top with the stanchion fully compressed.

Oh, and my back brake pad fell apart - both friction pads just fell off the backing metal! They had rusted through.
I'm waiting to see if Andy Sills (a dealer in Southsea, my nearest at 20 miles away) has any. Very hard to find pattern ones on line. I even went to my local bike shop and leafed through the EBC catalogue but nothing matched.
Build quality 0 : British salty winters 2

I am determined to make this bike decent, so I can start commuting on it!


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Cheers for the update, was wondering how it would fair a British winter. 3 years for stock bearings seems reasonable considering it's Chinese. Have you got a bearing press or taking to a shop?

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@lostit Shed 🙂
I got the bottom race off by driving a cold chisel between it and the bottom yoke.
They're so small driving the new ones on will be easy with a suitable drift (old coach bolt, or the chisel again).
The outers came out of the headstock a bit too easily, so putting the new ones in should also be easy. Might need a large socket to help tap them in, or the standard trick of using the old outer race to go between the hammer and the new one.

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@mrj good to know about the replacement bearings. Have you managed to fit the new ones yet? Iv asked around for fork seal replacements as they tend to go eventually but no luck. Oem only provide the forks as the whole (of course!)

Did your fork oil replacement make much difference at all?

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Hi Matt. Thanks for the info. Apparently there's some EBC front pads available. Not sure about the rear. Might be worth contacting EBC direct. I've found them helpful in the past. I think the calipers are a well known brand in China. Pads must be available.