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Super soco doesn’t work

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Hi, I’ve had my super soco ts for quite a while and the last year it has been going crazy. Sometimes it doesn’t start and when it does I can ride for sometime but from nowhere it just turns off, I know it isn’t because I am pressing something on the controller or stuff like that. Does anyone know how to deal with this problem?

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Something might be wrong.

Trying to diagnoise it by distance is hard but there's some things that is easy to do.

How does the problem occur. What percentage of battery do you have when the error happends and also are you going alot up hill and mountains? Also does the display and bike turn off at the same time so you have to restart your super soco or not?

Do you have warranty you could go and check with them if they can diagnose your bike 

Common issues:

When letting go of the throttle the bike sometimes lose power for about 3 seconds not responding to any gas (reason: it is regenerating or braking, could be fixed by updating firmware on bike brain)

Alarm unit corrupt (example: you turn of your bike and the alarm goes on. Does not sound like your problem)

Sensor for the stand (if it is fiddly or acting strange with display on and maybe you can se a glance of "parking" p= icon or it is lit it may be it - it will turn of throttle input without turning of the display)

main power connector arched/burned or bad from usage (the end result is high resistance, melted connetor and a non-starting bike or a bike turning off when accelerating or going up step hills when max power is needed)

More long shoot of issues: Harder to fix as well. One of the battery connections inside the battery is weak and or is getting  weaker.