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Dual battery charger cable?

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Posted by: @javi

Did other users recived the same cable? Do you know what electronics include the cable inside? How are batteries cahrged... simulteneously? swapping periodically one with the other? First charging on and then theother one? Just questions that I ask myself

Posted by: @javi

hat its incredible. They supply us with a non-recommended cable!! The good thing about it is that we have several plugs for playing and making longer charging cables

This cable should not be delivered with your bike. In fact the dealer should remove it at the pre-delivery inspection. This cable is not suitable for charging long therm. 

The cable is installed in the new bike crate for occasional charging during transport and long term storage. It's not recommended to use it at your home for safety reasons.. Dispose it if you have one recieved with your bike. 

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