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IMEI number location

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Hello, new to the forum here! I'm trying to use the app but my CUX didnt come with the IMEI number sticker neither on the manual or key box.

I do have the icon of data transfer on my dashboard (the 2 opossing arrows) so i tried to check if the IMEI number was present on the ECU unit. I opened the front panel and the ECU unit doesn't have the IMEI number either (attached picture)

I'm guessing my ECU does come with comms since the indicator is on in the dashboard, does any one how else i can get my IMEI number to bind the bike to the app?




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Hello. I have the same problem. Did you ever figure it out? 


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Not sure about that bike but you can't miss the tracker, it blinks a load of lights green blue and red. The IMEI is on that box if it's fitted. It wasn't fitted to all bikes, certainly not the US where carrier prices are too high for these services.