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Remove deskboard CUX

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Peter Smits
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Does anyone know how to disassemble the dashboard of a CUX? I would like to mount a temperature meter. Unfortunately I cannot open the dashboard in any way.

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I want to bump this thread because I believe that we need to remove the dashboard and all the plastic that surrounds it to serve the brakes. Has anyone managed to get to the reservoirs for brake fluid? After I've removed all the screws I can't seem to figure out how to remove the plastic parts without breaking them. If anyone succeded your help would be so valuable!

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@ricardo same problem here, 3 years later 😀

Did you manage to get them of whitout damaging the plastics?

do you have a howto for me?

kind regards 


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Okay, assuming you mean "dashboard", here we go...

Apparantly, this forum doesn't support inlining images that were uploaded, so you'll have to look at the attached image.

Steps (don't directly correspond to images):

1. Remove mirrors first, keep in mind that the right-hand side has opposite threading!

2. Remove all six (!) screws from rear steerer panel, see image 1

3. Now comes the tricky part: use spudger/splitter tools (plastic, preferably) to push the top "dashboard" panel slightly upwards, but only on the rear end (facing driver), tilting it. It helps to slightly push the rear steerer panel somewhat downward, but be aware that it is still attached with two screws you can't reach yet! I have no image illustrating how to do it, but be very careful because it's a very fragile design. Take your time, don't hurry.

4. Make sure the panel is tilted upwards enough (check image 5, watch the small flaps on the rear, they have to be lifted enough), then apply force to push the entire panel forward (towards driving direction). Check image 2, 3 and 5 to see how the hooks on the panel and loops (image 3) interface with eachother.

5. Once it comes loose you cannot release it, because the display cable is too short. Now is the time to release the last two screws of the rear steerer panel first, see image 4. Once you pull this panel down, you can turn the top "dashboard" panel around.

Ask questions if anything is unclear. It's a sh#tty design...


Note: in the attached image, black and a red "dashboard" panels are being used to illustrate the procedure, red was a bit easier to explain, but I already had some photo's of the black panel.