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Y cable connector problem

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Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me with some advice.

I bought a TC in June 2021, and later bought a second battery. This week I also got a y cable/splitter cable. But when I was installing the splitter box to the side, I noticed that the plug of the splitter cable was different then the socket under the seat.

The battery cables are fine, it’s just the small cable, it has a grey plug with 2 cables (black and red). The cable under the seat is is black and has 4 wires.

Whats the best solution here? Soldering isn’t a problem, but I hate to take risks with battery’s that cost €1000,-

See pictures:

7FD1200D 0D74 4A0C 8333 3FCFD06A267E
80A32A0A E837 4D59 BF91 E5F7604E366E
D8146E1C 66CD 47F8 BD11 79C7CD612457
E46A0314 E776 4C7D 80B9 6E5382955DD9

EDIT: is the grey plug normally connected to where the xt60 plug is? Or on the small black plug?

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The small black plug is for data communication between the [optional] fast charger and the battery BMS. 

As your Y-cable does NOT support fast charging  the you should leave the small black connector unused. The grey connector should be connected to the yellow side on your bike. 

However a additional cable [ part 35310-QSM-A710]  should be available trough your dealer witch fits directly to the grey connector on your Y-cable. This additional cable however is equipped with round connectors. Therefor a second adapter cable [part 35321-QSM-A510]  is available to convert the round socket into a square.