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Speedmoeter and batery 0% fault

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hey guys.


I've recentlty bought a TC Max - couple weeks ago. 

Today after work I have switched the bike on and surprisingly the battery was showing 0% and the speedometer was not working. I was confident that the bike had battery (25%) the throttle worked and the bike moved. 

I've decided to swith off the power switch under the seat and put it on again. Bike cameback to normal with the correct batery % and speedometer working.


Have you experiencied the same issue? Any tips on this?

Bear in mind that the model is quite recent in Portugal, so dealers have short selling records so far and lack of experience with this model.


Thanks for helping!

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Yep, I've also posted about this.  It's happened to me twice in 12 months, but not for ages.  The first time it happened I was a bit freaked out as I was a fair way from home.  I don't have any tips, you did the same thing I did, turned off/on the switch under the seat and after that it was all good...

Other than that I can't really fault the bike.

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@ewayfarer @rcd which model do you guys have? 2019 or 20?