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Thinking of buying a TC Max?

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Thinking of buying a TC Max? Here to check out what owners think?

My recommendation as an owner in the UK is don't.

I’ve had repeated problems since ownership and the support from the dealer and from vmoto has been bad, really bad.

  • Parking light comes on when at lights so you can’t pull away.
  • Random loss of power while at full throttle on big roads.
  • Rust on the bolts after not long owning the bike.
  • Error code 94 repeatedly.
  • Front brake failure a week after service.
  • Every time the dealer looks at it he finds nothing wrong.
  • After initially getting some support from Vmoto they went silent with no replies.
  • Range and top speed isn’t all that.
  • It’s not comparison to a actual 125.
  • connection to the app isn’t as advertised.

Don’t get sucked in to the idea of an electric bike and the test ride... the long term hassle ownership isn’t worth the price.

Over £4K new and not only will I be lucky to get £2.5k back private or part exchange, I’ll feel like I’m conning them myself.

Save yourself the hassle and don’t bother.

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Could you share more? is the 2019 model or 20? why vmoto and your dealer wont help you?  how long you got it?¡

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2019 - first batches that came over to the UK.

dealer is a motorbike guy and I’m sure he’s very good at that, these aren’t really motorbikes and he’s out of his depth a little with the bespoke nature of an electric bike.

vmoto just go silent, they make a noise like they want to help but there is no follow through. Weeks go buy with no response.

Had the bike a fair while now. Idea is good, execution not so much.