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Hello everyone,


After a lot of information (or rather research) and hesitation concerning the purchase of the right parts (sometimes in several different versions), here is finally my TC Max customized as a cafe racer.

I admit I was inspired by Maze's TC Max Benzin Launch Silver Racer to make my customization.


So I have : 

– replaced the handlebars with 2 bracelets

– changed the front headlight to an Full-LED headlight

– put turn signals around the fork at the front

– put the turn signals at the end of the chassis at the rear (at the level of the fixing of the rear handle)

– changed the rear light by an LED strip at the end of the chassis under the saddle

– cut out the rear fender

– removed the original rear light assembly

– added a new illuminated license plate support at the rear and readjusted the mandatory reflector (by running an electrical cable in the same place as the old beam)

– removed the rear footrests

– painted the rear frame in black

– painted the speedometer in black

– added a short bar of 22mm in diameter (length 20cm) in place of the old handlebars and fixed a clock on one side and a thermometer on the other side (ambient air temperature)

– started to replace the handlebar grips: on the left it's ok but on the right it's a pain, I broke a throttle grip (I had one in advance so it's fine but I'm waiting for a new one to keep putting it on)

– replaced the original mirrors with bar end mirrors (that alone changes the look of the bike!)


That's not bad.

I hesitate to put silver covering on the sides and the tank (then put a transparent protection on the tank), and to paint the brake calipers in fluorescent yellow.

Same, I hesitate to lower the front headlight a few cm but I will have to find a good support (already fixing the one with the original support was difficult and required a little force!

Well maybe a gas shock absorber (but not in red!) but the same, is the investment worth it, but that's another subject!

Then I still have to install reflectors on the sides in a little more modern (because I miss one on one side).

FYI I bought all the parts on Aliexpress.

There you go, do you like it?

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Amazing bike, love the modifications. Would it be possible to provide links? 

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I made progress on my customization.

The original topic/discussion is on the french forum mysupersoco (topic in : TC Max / Customisation / Ma Super Soco TC Max Cafe Racer Custom).

In this topic you can have more informations and some links for buying some parts.

The majority of parts i have buying are comming from aliexpress.

If i can, i insert link of all the parts in my next message.

I changed the seat (I bought the studded saddle and I had it redone properly by a saddler to remove the nails), I took off the stickers and I lowered the headlight (by planing the support) and descended the fork.

Now, i need just painting the two brakes supports and make a seat cowl and the next step is to change the tires to racing tires like Michelin Pilot Street, Pirelli Angel City or Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 with one size bigger (100/70-17 for the front and 130/70-17 for the rear).

Some picture of the bike now.

On this last picture you can see the fork lowering (1,5 cm).

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@seriousmanfr Awesome mods to the bike, it look great. I just got a second hand one and so far I've painted the silver fairings and the headlight black. I'd like to do the speedometer next but am a bit hesitant to meddle with the wiring. Did you have to take the whole device off or does the casing come off on its own with the 3 small screws underneath?

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@neto Hello. It's very simple, just unscrew the 3 screws and then it lifts on its own. To paint it will be necessary to make a small support which maintains the base by the interior, for my part, I used a rigid iron wire which I twisted, but it is possible to use a hanger.

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yeah..... i saw your bike on Aliexpress....
that why i bought the same rear fender .  i saw your review. thanks man.

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Hello, As I promised, here are all the parts I bought for my modifications with links to the merchant site.

rear turn signals

front turn signals

front headlight

rear taillight

clock and thermometer

support bar for clock and thermometer

reflective stickers

license plate holder with lighting

wing mirror


strap handlebars


I bought all these parts for 210/215 € , without counting the parts that I bought in duplicate or different models to be sure to have at least a good reference that mounts.

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