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problem battery

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who can tell you on any of these issues a huge respect!

1)I can 't add photos to the forum , both from my phone and from my computer.!?

therefore, I will try to describe in detail the troubleshooting process

2)where to find a diagnostic program?

I found the obd connector it is possible to connect it to identify exactly where the fault is

I bought a motorcycle with a mileage of 871 km super soko ts max at an auction, they brought it about a month ago, it says a problem with the battery, it was not disassembled before me. the sticker and seal were in place.

he didn't react to any actions at all

I checked the switch under the seat

unscrewed the cooling panel under the steering wheel at the wheel, it turned out to be just a piece of metal,should there be a controller there? because there are no plugs where to connect it , I think that it is not on this model

then I disassembled the battery to check the contacts , red and green lights are flashing on the BMS board, found a malfunction of the black contact between the two there was no electricity, we connected them and the power went to all the elements, the dashboard, when the button is pressed, shows a red battery and 0% of the battery, the start of the internal combustion engine is not successful , but charging started charging the battery. 

thoughts about buying a new bms or the lack of a controller

what other verification methods are there ?


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Measure the pack voltage, if low your battery is blocked by software. The controller of TCmax is located in the lower part of the bike. 

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@rzee thank you for the answer, 72A is now the battery charge, charging is working but it stops and continues to charge even more, the light is red


how to deal with the software ? What are the options ? what if you change the bms board? and where to get it if it fixes the problem, looking for any possible options 🤗