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TCMax Front Brake Pads

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Hello Everyone,

The front brake on my TC Max is terrible. I had a close look at how it works, and the right hand lever operates the outer two pistons on the front caliper. There seems to be more braking force from the left hand lever which operates the back brake (one piston) and the middle piston on the front brake.

There isn't much travel in the lever, so there is no real "feel". The brake isn't very powerful, and in the wet it just squeals until it heats up enough to dry off. I've been trying to use it aggressively to bed it in, but that hasn't helped. I worry about what will happen when a car pulls out on me. I'm used to sportsbikes that will throw you over the handlebars, or at least lock the front, when you brake hard!

I've cleaned and checked everything on the front brakes to make sure they are free and working as well as they can - still rubbish.

So I sent some photos of the front brake pads to I got a lot of help from Liam there - he looked through loads of parts catalogues, and eventually found EBC SFA603 pads:

The measurements are exactly the same. Fantastic, I thought. Decent brakes here we come ...

Spot the problem? They are mirror images! Unfortunately, the "right way round" ones don't seem to exist.

Has anyone else managed to source good brake pads?



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