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Belt goes out of the pulley

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My belt goes out of the pulley

First it happened after i changed my original belt (after 18.000km) to a local belt factory product (1760mm length-8M-12mm width)


Specs looks the same, i replaced the rear pulley with a new one. Service told me there is no problem at the rear and front pulley as damage or settings. 


Anyone have an idea what could it be?

I have more pictures of the rear if you want to look at it

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I looks to me that the rear wheel is out of alignment.

Support the bike so that the wheel is off the ground and free to rotate.

Slacken the wheel nuts and move the adjuster in the righthand adjuster gradually to move that side rearward.  Move it a bit of at time and do a complete rotation of the wheel each time and the belt should start moving across the pulley. When correct it should just rub lightly against the pulley rim. 

The belt should be tested for the correct tension with an App on a phone which measures the vibration frequency as per makers spec.

The method of adjustment may be needed to be reversed if it makes the belt slip off more.