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I've been trying to get the app to work and had no joy. People seem to have mixed experiences, some can't get it to work others can track Thier bike.  I wanted to see if we can start a group to get to the bottom of why us having no luck are going wrong.

I've seen people say that they have had options to activate SIM s which has never happened for me.

I'm wondering if 3g is required as I live in rural area and never been able to get it to work.

I have a TV Max first wave and have stripped it down and confirm I have the module on the bike. This make a high pitched quiet buzzing sound.  I opened that further and found a second sealed box with LEDs for battery and signal and something else. This was attached to another circuit board which in turn is connect to the bike.

None of the LEDs were on however on the second sealed unit.

I have created an account on the app on Android which identified my bike as being a TC Max. Of note the code on my instructions manual was incorrect.

So I have the hardware, the software is working for some can anyone help to work out how to get it all linked and working.

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I did hear from outdoordreams that the bluetooth module needs to be activated by your own dealer, maybe that's the problem? Otherwise the dealer probably know why 🙂

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Worth a try at my next service thanks