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Super soco tc poor range any tips?

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So i bought my super soco tc this summer, barely ridden approx 300 km, i have two batteries in it, 30 ah one and 26 ah one. But the performance of them during summer has been really dissapointing, ussualy i can ride maximally 60 km with them. Any tips for next riding season?

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Did you buy the TC, or more specifically the batteries, new or used?

Can you give more details like your driving conditions? Weight, avg speed, terain (many hills?), temperature, winds etc. I noticed in my city, which has some hills, that I never recovered anything when going down... but when riding up of course it consumes more.

In theory 60kms shall be doable with only the 30Amps battery. You can try with one battery, then with the second, then compare. 


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@alexaraducristian i have 26 and 30 a battery in my super soco tc, when i bought it it had 300 kilometres on it, i ussualy use 125% of batteries for 50 kilometres, flat terrain

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I usually went 26km on one battery. My 26ah was most of the time almost empty but the higher capacity TC battery and also TC motor and system I had almost half the battery left.

My speed was higher than 45km/h in unrestricted mode.