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Built in charger

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Hi all

I want to get rid of changing cables when I need to charge my TC Max.
I found some space below the bike to attach the charger.

Charger install I installed it last summer and it's still working fine.
The side connector is now replaced with a normal C14 female connector.
Side PlugC14 Connector

I bought a 5 meters C13 cable so I can charge easy.

C13 Power Cable

The last modification I like to do, is install a relay that will automatically close when I plug in the C13 cable.

And for that part I need some assistance.
Do I have to cut all connections between the battery and the charger? Or only the small signal cables? (Red, green and blue)
Or only the blue and red signal cable?


Any ideas what kind of relay or contactor I should use?

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It looks good

I feelt the feeling to get a tx-max only because of that.

I have a similar solution. A 30A charger with the same size below 2kg. and ut would be perfect to fit there.

Just think about water protection.

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Is there really that much space at the bottom of the bike?

Are you using the 5A or 10A charger.

The 10A charger is about 20mm longer than the 5A.


Your side connector looks like a 3D print. Can you share that with us? πŸ™‚